Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fear Paralyzes you Boldness sets you free.

Do you remember how Moses doubted his ability? He tried to use his stuttering as a reason why he couldn't be the one God used to help his people.  Well we today try to talk ourselve out of being used by God.  We use our parenting,  our education, our physical  appearance, our sins, our poor self image, and basically any other believable fear as our excuse.  But we are coming to a time when God is calling us out of our fear and nervousness and asking us to go.  God used a David and people said he was crazy, God used Samson, and some said he fell because of a women, God used Paul and he was killing Christians.  If you looked throughout the bible God used the misunderstood and lowly for his glory. Now why can't God use you?

Yes there will be nervousness at first,but step out and let God use you.  It is the God in you that makes it were you can do all things through christ.  Now I encourage you to trust the God in you and be bold and Go.  Go write that book.  Go teach that course, Go start that business, Go lay hands on the sick. Go pray. Go disciple someone.  Go minister reconcillation. Go dream. Go live. Go make haste and GO!!! Believe, Be Bold, and Trust the God in you.

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