Friday, October 21, 2011

What Is That SMELL??

Have you ever opened your refrigerator door and a smell that is undescribable smacks you dead in your face. I mean the kind of smell that has you almost ready to gag.  I mean it makes you believe your nose hairs are about to burn off.  (OK, I think you get the point)  Well, last week I opened my frig and wanted to know what  in the world died in there.
There was visible signs that the frig could use a good cleaning. (i.e. jelly stained shelf left by son, juice trail left by my toddlers trying to pour their own juice, expired jars, and to many left over containers) I mean I kept putting off the cleaning, but now this retched smell is demanding that I clean the frig NOW!!

So there I was cleaning my frig.   I noticed even after I wiped down the shelf and tossed out all of the visible signs of things that were expired, my frig still smelled.  I mean it looked good.  In my mind it was sparkling, but where in the world is that smell coming from.  I could have left it like that and just assumed that is just the way my frig is suppose to smell. But I needed to get down and dirty with my cleaning to find the culprit of this offensive smell that had my nose under arrest.  So I started my journey of detail cleaning the frig.  I mean I wanted to just toss everything and start over, but not everything in the frig was bad.  So I had to use my senses, my seeing and smelling, ( I definitely won't be tasting anything) to determine what was worth keeping and what was worth tossing out.  Even though this is just a frig, I noticed that I began to feel better and look at my frig differently as I began to get rid of  the bad food.  I mean I began to discover hidden food that I didn't even know was there.  I began to look behind and up under the shelves and vegetable bins.  That was when I found the offender, a ziploc bag of some fried fish that I thought I got rid off a while ago.  I smiled with relief.  Just think if I would have not taken the time to clean out my frig.  Now I can add new fresh food to the frig without it being crowded and crapped by the old funky expired stuff.

I know you are wondering why did I just take the time and tell you about my journey of cleaning my frig.  Well isn't this the kind of process you go through when you begin to clean out the junk in your mind.  The first thing most of us do is clean up our appearance thinking that that will make us feel better, do better, accomplish more in life.  That's only temporary fix.  So you eventually realize you need to dig deeper to get to the root of your problem.  You begin to examine your life and your thought process.   What you uncover is that even behind the made up face and the fancy clothes and the nice ride, the beautiful home, the nice physique, the good job, the beautiful family there is that stinking thinking that has you under arrest and hostage.  You need to begin to do detail cleaning to renew your mind.  You will probably find stuff that was said or done to you in your childhood or past relationships that is affecting your thinking process.  By using what the word of God says about you as your baseline, you can determine whether the things you find in the hidden area of your mind are worth keeping or letting go.  If you don't begin to let them go, you become confused and inconsistent.  You can't put what God says about you inside of you and not get rid of that stinking thinking.  There will be internal conflict.  (James 1:8 a double minded man is unstable in all his ways.)   As you begin to renew your mind, watch how confident you begin to smell (there I go thinking about that frig)  Just know that you are....fearfully and wonderfully made,   created with a purpose,  a child of the most high, and a chosen vessel full of power with a treasure from the Lord. 

This song has encouraged me and strengthened me during my 7-day doubt diet.  Thanks to all of you who participated with me.  I would love to hear about what self doubting behaviors you lost during this phase of your journey. I am presently shedding the doubt that I could not be used by God because of my weight.  This outside shell does not determine my use for the kingdom of God.  Because I have a hidden treasure inside of me, Holy Spirit (Jesus Christ), that is full of power and it qualifies me and equips me to be used by God in whatever capacity he deems me fit for and that I make myself available to be used in.  This doesn't mean I don't need to work on my weight.  That is another entry for another day.

 Be blessed and go clean that frig !!!!
( I mean renew your mind) 

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