Tuesday, November 22, 2011

He'll leave the light on for you!!

Do you remember the commercial for Motel 6? They always ended it with this famous quote "we'll leave the light on for you."  Well,  why is so important that the light is on.

Two weeks ago during church service, they begin to talk about what you feel like when your electricity goes out.  Some people said fearful, lonely, clueless, vulnerable, upset, annoyed, disappointed,  insecure, blind, not at peace, angry, lost, since of abandonment, helpless, disconnected, uncomfortable, inconvenienced, and aggravated.  Then the next questions was how do you feel when your electricity comes back on?  Some people said confident, secure, connected, happy, at peace,  and restored.

Then the  pastor went further on to say that this is an analogy of how one feels when one is either acknowledging (using) or not acknowledging the holy spirit.  The word of God says that the Holy Spirit is the comforter that will teach us. (John 14:16) He also said that the holy spirit would lead us and guide us into all truths (John 16:13).  So with the holy spirit, we are walking around with house fully powered.  We Got The Power!  But without him we experience all of the emotions of the person who is in the dark.  I want to be confident that I am fully covered.  Why be saved (a Christian) and not acknowledge (use) the Holy Spirit?  It is like sitting in the house and your electricity has been restored, but you are walking around like you are not connected.  You got the Power now so begin to use it.

You never have to be in the dark another day in your life.  God left the light on just for you.  To walk out this journey that I am on, I now understand that I can not and will not do it without the Holy Spirits help.  So who are you taking on your journey?

Am I acknowledging and using the Holy Spirit?  Just ask. (Luke 11:13)


Be blessed!!!!!!

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