Sunday, December 18, 2011

Washing Dishes by Hand

In this day and age, we have gotten so comfortable with modern technology.  Today, I got a wake up call as to how far we have come.  Just something as simple as getting clean dishes has really changed.  Now I have a family of seven, so you can imagine my disappointment when my dishwasher decided to make my kitchen an indoor swimming pool. 
Well, my toddlers probably loved it, but as for me and my husband, we were not pleased.  I mean we have gotten so comfortable with just dropping the dishes, stains and all, into the dishwasher while we go on about our day.  So there I was standing over the sink washing what  felt like a never ending parade of dishes.  I even had the water splatter on the front of my shirt to show that I was getting it in straight old school.

Then I begin to think about my prayer life.  (I know, right.  If you allow him, the holy spirit can teach you something every day in every circumstance and situation.  Learning tools are all around us.) Anyway, I begin to think about how comfortable I am getting with my Monday night prayer call,  my walk and fellowship with God.  I wash just dropping my prayer request, praises, and thanks on God with their stains and all like our relationship was like a modern day dishwasher.  Even my tough and uncomfortable situations, I was just throwing them at him and then moving on with the next thing I had planned.

What if I could not make it on the call on Monday?  What if, I could not make it to church on Sunday?  What if I never could never make it to a bible study.  Would I know how to call on that old school way of going before God and not coming up until he blesses me. Would I be willing to allow my relationship with God to be like the process I went through when I washed dishes by hand?

Would I be willing to allow myself to soak in his presence so he can loosen those areas that are not like him so they would be easier to clean off?  Would I be willing to stay in his presence as he takes a brillo pad to my heart and mind?  Would I be willing to allow him to wash me in his Word to clean off all the dirt and grime and grease from disappointments, low self-esteem, and bad decisions?  Would I be willing to leave from his presence with splatters of his anointing all over me as evidence of my time spent with him? Would I be willing to wrestle with God like Jacob until he blesses me?  (Genesis 32:21 - 32)  I found this website that breaks down Jacobs Wrestles with God and I want to share. (Click here for link)  Would I be willing to tarry?  The definitions of tarry are 1. a : to delay or be tardy in acting or doing b : to linger in expectation : wait. 2. : to abide or stay in or at a place. When was the last time I just stayed in the prayer (presence of God) and delayed moving on to the next thing or lingered in expectation for God to move in my private time with him.  I think I had trained myself out of my intimate time of communion with God.  I had developed such a one-sided microwave thinking about my prayer life.  God wants to pour into me and I a need to allow him an opportunity to speak. To commune with him means not that I just go to him and pour out my heart, but I allow myself to be a good listener and let him pour out his heart.    

So I have decided that I am going to wash dishes by hand.  Will you join me? 

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