Sunday, January 15, 2012

Meeting in the Ladies Room


 I used to love this jam. You know the one, "Meeting in the Ladies Room" by Klymaxx.  My girlfriends and I would just sing and dance around the room to this.   Well, now a days that seems to be the only place I have a hint of privacy and me time. Every where I turned there is  someone calling me, needing me, or attempting to drain me.  My down time has become few and far between before someone or something else is demanding my attention. 

 Then a dear friend reminded me that I could just find my "me time" in the bathroom.   Now who in their right mind would invade your bathroom time.  I mean I know my little ones feel that they can impose upon me even when the door is closed, but thank God for the invention of locks.  Can I get a Amen from the Hallelujah section? .   

But I have to admit that there is one person who has invaded my bathroom time and I find it quite refreshing.  No, I am not talking about my husband.  Those interruptions are enjoyable, but I am referring to God.  We have had the best conversations without interruptions here.   I can hear him so clearly during these times.  I also have the best praise and worship sessions in the bathroom.  In my mind, I am singing every note on key.  The acoustics are awesome. I am the lead and back up singer. (LOL)   My husband often wonders were I get some of songs selections.  I just pour out whatever is in my heart whether it's an old song or new.   I even have a few of my own worship medleys that I have created.  You get so caught up that you don't realize how long you have been in there until the water runs cold.   Awww!  So refreshing.  

 You literally go from the natural bathroom (throne room) 

into the the throne room in the presence of God. 
I can go in the bathroom with my attitude and all my issues and leave out cleaned physically and spiritually.  All that stuff just washed or flushed away.  I mean going to the bathroom is a natural body function that has to be addressed.  Now, I am just taking a few extra bathroom breaks to address my spiritual needs, as well.  I think my family benefits from these meetings and prefers them over my hollering sessions or seasons of frustration.  My friend even suggested taking my bible and journal in there.  I mean such good wisdom from a wise Godly women who understand what being a Real Housewife of God is really all about.  (sidebar: I wonder how many would watch a TV show that showed what the reality of being a Christian is about.) 

So I invite you to have your own meeting in the ladies/gentlemen room and tell everyone you will be back real soon.  So if you feel like saying, "Somebody slap me cause I am not in the mood", head straight to the nearest RESTroom.   I encourage you to send out one private invite to God and I guarantee you that he will RSVP and meet you there.  We can and must find time to pray and read God's Word.  My Pastor says that we need to prepare ourselves privately so we can present ourselves public.  I feel that finding our way to the Throne Room is definitely a time of private preparation so we can be a light to the world publicly.  Be blessed



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