Thursday, April 25, 2013

Umm... I've Heard About That

Today take your child to work day so it's just me and my Jessica.  Aww the sound of a quiet house is wonderful and I get to catch up on a few things.  

A few months ago, the family was driving in the car and I ask my son, Josh, did he know what a cockroach was.  Sound like a silly question, but it really was not.  His response,  "What is that some type of animal?"  I told him no and just chuckled under my breath.   I then asked if he knew what a roach was.  His response, "I've heard about that." After I finished laughing hysterically,
I realized that out of just that one simple question, God allowed me to see how far I had actually come.  This was right on time because  everywhere I turned it seemed like something was breaking down or someone was acting up.  Just to not give up and throw in the towel, I had to reflect on where God had brought me from. 

Reflect: I was a project chick that had seen her fair share of roach infestations.  I mean the roaches greeted me in the morning and asked what I was going to have for breakfast.
Blessing:  My son has never seen a roach other than when he brought a plastic one to scare his sister.

Reflect:  I lived over 5 places before I was in the 3 grade and majority of my life was spent in an apartment.
Blessing:  My last 3 children only know what it's like to live in a single family home with their own backyard.

Reflect:  I grew up in a single parent home with hardly any interactions with my father.
Blessing: My children are growing up in a home with both parents who love the Lord and each other,  committed to honor their marriage covenant and are striving to show their children that marriage is a beautiful thing when Jesus is at the center of it.

Reflect:  Most of my younger years we spent riding on public transportation or walking. 
Blessing: We have a family car and get around as we need.  We can chose to use public transportation or walk.

Reflect: The main health insurance I had growing up was state funded. 
Blessing:  We have had family insurance through our jobs since the birth of our first son.

Reflect: My Mom had to spend alot of time outside of the home while she was well to support us.
Blessing:  My husband allowed me to leave the work world to raise our children and pursue my dreams.

Reflect:  I remember wanting to participate in extracurricular activities and take dance, but mom did have the funds. 
Blessing:  My children have participated in cheerleading, football, cubscouts, and girl scouts.

Reflect:  As a child, we didn't go on any family vacations or visit alot of amusement parks, nor go to the park together as a family. Actually, we never really been anywhere outside the DMV except for our short time living in Evanston, Illinois. 
Blessing:  My family has traveled to Florida, California, Pennyslvania, New York, and Georgia

Reflect: The early years of our marriage I can remember being in debt. 
Blessing: the only debt we currently have is our mortgage and regular monthly expenses.

Reflect:  I remember being in fear of not being able to caring a child full term because of family medical history. 
Blessing:  I have been pregnant 7 times and have birthed 5 beautiful children.

Reflect: I can remember being fearful of stepping out and doing things by myself. 
Blessing:  I just recently participated in a GirlTrek walk in Honor of the 100 year anniversary of Harriet Tubman's death.  I didn't know anyone other than my daughter.

Reflect:  I stopped serving in church because of past hurts.
Blessing: I made a conscious decision to recommit to serving.  I am working in the children's ministry.

Reflect:  As I child, I tried to hide that I was a christain when I was around my friends. 
Blessing:  My children are proud of their relationship with God.  They are saved, Holy Spirit filled and my 2 oldest are eager to serve.  Kayla actually will begin serving this Sunday.

Reflect:  Not to long ago, I couldn't even walk up and down the steps without losing my breath.  Blessing:  I just participated in my first 5 mile walk with the National Kidney Foundation.

No don't get me wrong, I have some great memories from my childhood and early adult life.  But guess what, I am so happy I had the time to look back.  So much had been going on and my vision was getting cloudy.   God took that one question to remind me that things are getting better.  Don't give up.  Don'ty get distracted.  Don't get comfortable in this place. Keep pressing toward the promise.  Keep dreaming for yourself and your family.  Don't look at this stuff.  YOU WIN!!   This is only a temporary situation.  Haven't I brought you and your family out before.  Shake off those thoughts of fear, failure, and regret.  I am about to do a new thing.  So guess what I am MOVING FORWARD.  I will not be like the Isrealites who wondered in the wilderness for 40 years before they reached the promise land.  They complained, wanted to go back, and couldn't even see where God has brought them from.

I encourage who ever is reading this to take time to reflect and see the blessings of God because your situation has clouded your vision of his goodness.

Lady signing to Yolanda Adams song "It's Gonna Be Nice"

Philippians 1:6
 "Being confident of this very thing, that He which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ"

The Confident Godly Princess

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