Wednesday, January 4, 2017


2016, what a year!  God has brought my family through so much.  I haven't blogged or did any journaling in a minute.  I especially have never kept a record of answered prayers or blessings that we have received.  I also know that several of my mentors have told me to, but I just didn't do it.  But, guess what? 

Two month into 2016, I decided to do just that.  I took an old cashew jar and began to drop notes, Post-it notes that is, every time I saw God move on our behalf or those around me. 

See, in years past, the devil attempted to discredit all things small and great that have happened in our lives.  So by the time the new year hit, our vision and memory had become cloudy by the devil's taunts of our missed opportunities, struggles, mishaps, and failed attempts.  The weight of some of these disappointments did not allow us to see all that God had done, but not this year.  OH NO, not in 2016!  My cashew Jar became  a visual aid for me  to see the blessings upon blessings that God had bestowed up us and those in our circle.

Just like clockwork, as 2016 began to wind down, here comes the devil trying to show me all I haven't done or left incomplete. All I can say is, "THANK GOD FOR MY BLESSING JAR".  So on New Years day, I gathered the family around the dining room table  and began to read each post-it note. Some things we forgot about. Others  they didn't realize I took note of.  Some were answered prayers. Others were just favor. Some were just God showing us his grace. Others were just God protecting us.

The night before we all stayed up late to ring in the new years "The Hodge way", so none of us headed to bed until 2am.  Then on New years day, we got it in with our church family and Tye Tribbett. Shout out to Spirit of Faith Christian Center and the best Pastors that God has allowed me to sit at the feet of.  Needless to say, by time we got home, everyone was tiredboots.com.   So imagine the way everyone looked when we first sat down at the table.  Now picture this, with each note that was read, there was a sparkle and then a fire returning to the tired eyes that stared back at me.  With each note read, their posture began to change.  There was a look of anticipation and expectancy.  I know my younger two were listening because they began to fidget with excitement and chant, almost in unison, "Mommy, what has God done for me?  I want to hear what he has done for me." They were on the edge of their seats.

We laughed, giggled, reflected and thanked God. Each post-it note became footprints in the sand, memorials of each time God had our backs, fronts, and sides through every season we encountered in 2016.  I've heard the saying, "The Lord has brought me through a mighty long way" and the song, "Look What The Lord Has Done."  I'm telling you I am so grateful. Thank you God that I can see it.  I was able to count my blessings one by one.

My prayer is that in 2017, that you are able to see the blessings that are pouring out on you and take note of them so that when the accuser come,  you can hold your head up high with your feet firmly planted in the Word of God and present him with your evidence, (list of blessings) and say just like Tye Tribbet, " If he did it before, he can do it again, Same God right now. Same God back then."    Hallelujah!!! 

My first post-it note for 2017, was about my family sitting together going over our 2016 jar.  In 2017, I'm believing that the jar will hold notes that everyone in the family contributed to..

Happy New Year!!

Tye Tribbet - Same God

Canton Jones  - Window

Philippians 4:4-9 MSG

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