Monday, November 20, 2017

Who do people say that I am


REPUTATION: a widespread belief that someone or something has a particular habit or characteristic.
TRUST: to put confidence in, swear by, to depend upon, to expect help from, to lean on, to be sure about, to put faith in.

It is so true that your name will go before you.  People will know about you way before they even meet you.  A person's reputation is made of from their name and their past actions  (Track Record).  I am learning to trust God based on his reputation. I'm building up my trust in God by

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Under --- Construction

This blog is currently under construction.... Please bare with me as I tear down all of the false identify  walls that have been built up in my life.  I have traveled down the road of what ifs... for far to long.  What if's will leave you standing on the sidelines watching the game of life being played.  You are equipped for life right now.  God didn't make a mistakes when he created you.... Get your head in the game and LIVE life to the fullest.